Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Bug!

Over the last week our house has been hit with various forms of the sick bug. Emmaleigh started off with Influenza B, followed by Addy with Strep Throat, and now today Landyn has Strep Throat. I think that Landyn has had it worse. His fever spiked to over 104 and is still having trouble keeping much down. He is so puny and pathetic.
For many reasons I am praying that this sickness skips over me. Aside from the simple fact that it is just no fun being sick, I really don't have time for it. Lucky for me though, strep throat tends to be my specialty.
The girls are continuing to do well in their new schools, but after some discussion with Addy's speech therapist and her preschool teacher, we have decided that it will be benificial for Addy to have another year of preschool before starting kindergarten. While she has made significant progress in the last couple months, she still is just not ready. It is also time to start thinking about sending Landyn to preschool next year.
We signed Emmaleigh up for softball last weekend and she is so excited about it. She can't wait until it actually begins. She also informed me she wants to do cheerleading and play soccer. I can see where this is headed. Since poor Addy doesn't have the coordination to play softball we are trying to find another activity for her. It seems as though she takes after her daddy and has taken to swimming quite well so that is probably the route we will pursue. Landyn is in love with any sport that involves a ball and has quite an arm on him. Fortunately I still have a couple years on him.
Now that I have a new keyboard that is not missing keys I am hoping to udate more often. (O.K. so maybe thats an excuse but I promise to make the effort)

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  1. It's good to hear an update. I hope the bug leaves your house, and real soon. Know that I'm praying for your Mother and the rest of your family. <3