Thursday, January 12, 2012

Family Update

Christmas didn't really seem like Christmas this year. Maybe it was the lack of snow that fueled the lack of spirit, I don't know. The kids were still excited about it and we welcomed a special visitor for the chrisas season, our elf mistletoe. Mistletoe got himself into quite a bit of trouble but the kids were excited each morning to see what he had done. He left them with a nice gift before he left. A photo book of all the things he did throughout the season so they could remember him until he returns next Christmas.
I also turned thirty this year. When are a teenager thirty seems so old but bow that I am there it doesn't seem so old (although my kids tell me I'm old) if you asked me when I was 18 what I would be doing at 30 I would not have thought I would be a stay at home mom with 4 kids. I wouldn't change it now though. My children are my world.
Speaking of my children....Emmaleigh had all A's on her report card for the 9 weeks and semester. We are so proud of her. She likes peace signs and music (we all know when she is listening to her MP3 player) She also asked for a guitar for Christmas but we are still working on getting lessons. She also loves to write and draw but very private about what she writes.
We will hopefully be able to get some answers for Addy. The school has agreed that she needs to be reevaluated before next school year and if we don't get the answers we need from them, then we now have a couple other resources that we can go through. She is obsessed with everything lalaloopsy. She is starting to get a collection of dolls and that is the theme for her sixth birthday party.
Mr. Landyn is (and has been for a while) completely healed from his burns and is a typical three year old boy. He loves race cars and tractors. He is in nursery school this year and he seems to like it. It is good for him and mommy too.
Holden (or Hodie bug as we like to call him) is almost four months old. He is really starting to get a personality. He smiles a lot and even giggles once in a while. He is super ticklish and tries to blow raspberries with his mile long tongue (I think he is part lizard)
JR has been working a lot of overtime so we don't get to see him much. He works second shift so when he isnt at work he is sleeping. Hopefully he will be able to go to first shift soon so that we will get to be together more as a family. Won't complain too much though because the money is good.
As I am writing this we are getting our first snow storm of the season which probably means our first snow day of the year. We already have a two hour delay but looking for them to cancel by morning. Regardless I had better wrap this up because Holden has been asleep since about 6 pm and even though he has been sleeping all night he will be up and ready to go around 5 or 6 am. Good night all, it is good to be back.

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