Monday, April 4, 2011

The Rainbow After The Storm

O.K. so I guess I have kept this from my blogging friends long enough, although I am thinking that maybe I should have shared this before I shared my other news, but thats ok. Hudson, along with Emmaleigh, Addyson, and Landyn, is going to be a big brother. Our little "rainbow" is expected to arrive in late september or early october.
This is not the ideal situation for me right now but I am going with it. As expected there is some anxiety going into this and I have already been having some very realistic dreams about how things go wrong. My doctor, however, is determined to help set my mind (and probably his) at ease throughout this pregnancy. I am currently at the end of my first trimester. (13 weeks tomorrow) Once I get to 24 weeks he will start seeing me every two weeks and when I get to 32 weeks I have decided to just set up camp at the doctor's office. He will see me every week and I will have nonstress tests and ultrasounds 2 times a week.
The above ultrasound was done almost two weeks ago at 11 1/2 weeks.

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