Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dinner with the Sisters

In the last two weeks I think there has only been two nights where one of my sisters has not been at our house for dinner. My brother in law asked me if I got tired of everyone being at my house every night, and of course I said no! I have always felt that it is easier to cook for everyone than just for us. We always plan our meals the night before and whoever is coming brings something that we need. This weeks meals have included chicken parmesan, tacos, steak and baked potatoes, and orange chicken with stir fry veggies and rice.
The kids all enjoy playing together and it is wonderful that they all will be going to the same school (except I feel sorry for the teachers that will have them one right after the other for six years straight.)
The weatherman has predicted yet another round of snow (YUK!) It is supposed to snow Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I am really hoping spring comes soon so we can walk to the park and let the kids play til they drop.
This weekend I have decided it is time to tackle the garage. We have so much unpack still, but I am usually doing good to keep up on whats already in the house.

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