Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I had my six week check up with my doctor yesterday and I was so nervous. My stomach was turning and I couldn't sit still in the waiting room. It didn't help that I got there forty five minutes early (hoping to get in early)and having to wait the whole forty five minutes. Also adding insult to injury, yesterday seemed to be the day for six week check ups because there were several women there with newborn babies. I knew I didn't have a reason to be nervous, but I wasn't ready to make any decisions. My doctor was very understanding and knew that it was too soon to make any long term decisions so we settled on something more for the short term and I go back in two months. I left the doctor's office feeling good about the plan. I am so thankful to have the doctor I do and the funny thing is that I was initially supposed to see a different doctor in that office but I had to change an appointment at the beginning of my pregnancy and I ended up with this doctor instead.
I wasn't the only one who had a case of nervousness. We thought Emmaleigh would start her new school today. She was excited but I think a little nervous as well. The nervousness was apparent when we went to enroll her this morning. She was very quiet and didn't talk to anyone. She was disappointed when we found out that she wouldn't be able to start until tomorrow morning.
I struggled with getting the younger two to get back into the routine last night and they slept in this morning so I may have trouble again tonight. Addy has already started worrying about her new school and we haven't finalized the plans for that. I hope that she is able to adjust well.

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