Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Lights, Christmas goodies, Christmas parties

After spending the afternoon at my parent's house helping my mom wrap presents, making some christmas cookies, and having dinner with my whole family (I love that we all live so close), my dad wanted to take all the kids to look at Christmas lights. We all piled into my mom and dad's and my sister's vans and took off for Rossville then Frankfort. The kids loved the lights and saw Santa (a.k.a. HoHo). It was fun to see the reaction Landyn had to all the different lights since this was the first year he really paid attention to them. The girls decided that they were going to spend the night at grandma and grandpa's, so its just the boy and I tonight. As I am typing this, he is laying in my lap almost asleep. (I love it when he decides to snuggle)
I decided that I would invite my family, including my grandma and grandpa and aunt over for dinner tomorrow night so that they could see the new house. My husband gets a ham from work every year and there is no way we would eat it by ourselves without eating ham for a week.
My sister and I are going to make christmas goodies sometime, I am making up plates of goodies to take to the neighbors, the mailman, and the girls' teachers. I also got ambitious and am going to try to make mini gingerbread houses for Emmaleigh's Christmas party at school. That is if they even have school that day. We are supposed to get more snow monday night and tuesday. Also for those of you wondering, the girls' program was not cancelled, it will be monday afternoon.

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