Sunday, December 5, 2010

Frustrated, Irritated, and Exhausted

If I had to use three words to describe my mood this weekend it would be those words. I was trying to get the house cleaned up this weekend and go through things and the kids decided they didn't want to cooperate with my plan. Addy was in one of her moods. If you looked at her the wrong way she would start crying. Emmaleigh asked a hundred times if she could go somewhere and Landyn just wouldn't stay out of things. Needless to say I had a difficult time getting done what I had set out to do. Very Frustrating.
I was easily irritated but I think that is from a combination of being exhausted and sick. I found myself snapping at people for no particular reason. I had to stop and pray for patience several times throughout the day. I can't sleep at night and when I finally do get to sleep it is a restless sleep. I think this may be the cause of my perpetual headache. My body is still so sore, I have tried to cut back on my activity but nothing seems to help.
I have been fighting a cough and sore throat for the last couple days. Was hoping it was just a cold that would go away but now I am beginning to think it is something else. I go back to the doctor tomorrow so I will probably end up with an antibiotic.

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  1. Praying for healing on your body. I know exactly how you feel. Just two weeks after Hannah died, Danny and I got so sick. I think just from the stress we had been through. Take it easy Momma. Everything will get done sooner or later :)