Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Laundry and Leases

I go to my grandma's once a week to do laundry and today happened to be the day I made it there this week. Landyn usually goes with me so he can spend some time with his big papaw and mean mamaw. I don't really think he thinks she is mean I think thats just how it comes out when he tries to say great. Its funny the names kids make up for things. Today Landyn spent the day at a friends house though. It was kinda nice to not have to keep him out of things but I think big papaw missed his cowboy a little.
This afternoon we went and signed the lease on our new house. It's official, we have the keys and everything. Let the fun begin! If I had boxes I would probably be packing everything I could but I can't seem to get any from anywhere. We tried all the local stores today and nobody had any.
The kids seem to be excited about the move as well. I asked Emmaleigh if she wanted to go to a new school after Christmas or wait til next year and she said she wanted to start after Christmas. (I still haven't decided about that one). Emmaleigh will adjust well no matter what happens. She makes friends easily. I don't really have much choice with Addy unless I just start working with her at home.


  1. Thats Great! Where is the new house?
    We have tons of Boxes if only you were closer. When we moved we got lots of ours from Pizza king. So try asking them.

  2. We are moving into Flora. So the girls will go to Carroll instead of Delphi just haven't decided when we want to make that change.