Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Count Your Blessings: Part Two

Addyson Deianira Snell

January 31, 2006

7 lbs. 7 oz.

19 inches

My pregnancy with Addy was what one would consider uncomplicated even though at times I was worried because I had Emmaleigh so early and I had a fairly easy delivery. That, however, is the only part about Addy that has been uncomplicated or easy.

From the start Addy was nothing like Emmaleigh. She had severe reflux and colic. She was a screamer and trust me, she could scream. At four months old Addy was hospitalized due to whooping cough and complications from asthma. Once she started regular breathing treatments she was a some what happier baby.

Addy did not start walking until she was almost 18 months old and didn't really talk until she was two and a half. From the time Addy was to until she turned three she was hospitalized for having MRSA infections. Addy received three different types of therapy from first steps, which really improved her speech and helped with her coordination. Addy also had to have eye surgery this may to correct an eye muscle that was causing her left eye to turn inward.

We have had to face a unique set of challenges with Addy but we have always taken everything as it comes with her. She still struggles with separation anxiety, doesn't do well with change, and has a speech delay, and lacks some social skills. She is my worrier. She worries about the small things and gets worked up over them at times.

With Addy we have definately learned patience, but also compassion, and understanding. We are thankful to have been blessed to have her in our lives.

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