Monday, December 27, 2010

When the Tree Comes Down

When I was younger I remember putting up the Christmas tree not too long after Thanksgiving and it would stay up until new years. Maybe thats just when my mom would get to it, but I liked to think we just kept it up for my birthday, which is new years eve. No matter what the reason for leaving it up I appreciate the fact that we kept the decorations up that long and plan to do that with my own family. I have seen numerous posts on facebook of people taking down their decorations and putting them away, my own grandmother wouldn't even let my grandpa turn on the Christmas lights one last night just because "Noone else has their lights on." Really? I may not have been too much into the Christmas spirit this year but the one thing we wanted to do for our children was to establish some traditions with our children. (although moving in the middle of it wall was not planned and not a tradition we plan to stick with) So, with that I guess I will continue to leave my decorations up just a little bit longer. Whats another week, anyway? My question for all of you is: When does your tree come down?

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