Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Program

My nephew had his preschool Christmas program tonight and it was really quite comical. Getting thirty some 3 and 4 year olds to sing seven songs in unison I am now convinced is not possible. Some kids were busy waving and yelling hi to family members in the audience, others were just dancing around not really paying attention.
Today was also Jaxson's birthday....Happy Birthday Jax! He is truly our miracle baby. He has had several surgeries including two open heart surgeries. I love the little man to pieces, he is so sweet and so funny.
The girls Christmas program is thursday night, that is if the weather allows. We are supposed to get another few inches of snow tommorrow night. It is also sooo cold. I keep telling myself we are going to move to a warmer climate but I could never move that far away from my family.
The house is starting to come together but we still have a few loads to move including our christmas tree. I hope it survives the move! The girls are getting worried because they don't think santa will know we moved and that he won't leave any presents if we don't have a tree. I think I have them convinced that santa will find us no matter where we are.

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