Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dear Jesus

Jesus had a birthday
just like me and you
he got lots of presents
and a party too
for a birthday candle
God gave him a star
shining so brightly
men came near and far
Happy Birthday Dear Jesus
Happy Bithday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Jesus
Happy Birthday to you
Angels gave him music
declaring his great love
stating he is coming
sent down from above
now that its his birthday
where do we begin
open up your heart
and say Jesus please come in
Happy Birthday Dear Jesus
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Jesus
Happy Birthday to you

This is the song Emmaleighs class sang for their Christmas program at school and I thought it was only fitting to share it today. It is such a sweet song, especially when a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds are singing it.
We went and visited Hudson yesterday. The drive to the cemetary had not yet been plowed and snow covered his grave. If it weren't for the flowers we had left after the service we may not have been able to find it yet since he doesn't yet have a headstone. We took him a cross with flowers on it but the ground was too hard so we just had to lay it on top. While we were there I couldn't help but think what Christmas might be like in heaven. What a celebration they would be having up there. I was sad for my own loss but so happy that my baby boy has so much more in heaven.
We went to my sister's house yesterday afternoon and had Christmas with my side of the family. It was a great time. Afterwards we had Christmas with my father-in-law. Again something we have not done since JRs mom passed away. He has come over to give the kids gifts but we have never had a dinner with him. The kids had a great time playing with the other kids.
Landyn has been sick since Thursday and this morning JR woke up puking. Made for an interesting morning opening presents. Landyn could barely hold his head up to open his presents and JR just wanted to go back to bed. The girls of course we super excitd. My mom was here to watch them open their presents (my dad had to work last niht. Since he works for the stat highway department he was out plowing snow), then fixed breakfast for the girls and I while JR went back to bed. Landyn tried to eat something but in the end that didn't turn out so well.
The girls went home with grandma and grandpa and are staying there overnight (hopefully that will keep them from getting sick.) Landyn and JR are sleeping, so that leaves me by myself. I will probably finish putting gifts away and work on some laundry.

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